Thursday, February 15, 2018

Coach Greg Quinn: Working With A Purpose

We've all seen it, a kid with a bat in their hands and a parent or coach chucking as many balls at them as they can, just to get to the next kid standing on deck. But watch closely, is it batting practice for refining a players swing, or is it assembly line hitting, with the main goal being to get as many players through the line as possible? To make matters worse, many of the same people throwing those bad pitches in batting practice are the first ones to tell a kid to stop swinging at pitches out of the zone in games. Isn't that what you've  been teaching them to swing at? 

Working with hitters should include several key things to be successful. One of the first things I do when working with a new hitter is to let them know batting practice is all about them. No one else gets the blame when they fail or the praise when they succeed. When I tell hitters to work with a purpose, I'm telling them to work smarter. Successful hitters know that what they don't swing at, is just as important as what they do swing at. Would you be bothered by a player swinging at pitches out of the strike zone in a game? Work towards throwing better pitches. Work on specifics at the tee. The low pitch, the high pitch, inside and outside. Tee work is critical, but not just "set and forget" tee work. I have cut down tees, so the ball can be set at the very lowest possible height but would still be called a strike. I also have made tees taller so they are at the top end of the strike zone for players. The low strike seems to be the one most hitters resist working on. I hear " Coach, that's way too low!" Or " "I can't hit that!." Many times I'll ask one of my catchers to come set up behind a hitter and tell the batter what they think. The answer is almost always the same from the catchers. " Coach,I'd be mad if the ump didn't call that a strike." So,  we work to hit pitches that would be called strikes and laying off any pitches out of the zone. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Firebirds Announce Two New Teams for 2018-2019

There is room on this field for you!
The Firebirds, based in Northern Virginia, announce the launch of two new teams for the 2018-2019 season.  The new teams will compete at the 12U and 14U level and be comprised of players with 2007 and 2005 birth years.  These new teams will bring the total to eight Firebird teams competing from 10U to 18U.

Join the Firebirds and have fun while winning!  Firebirds grow their game on the field with supportive coaches, great facilities, dedicated clinics, and fiercely competitive teammates.   Firebirds also forge their character off the field with friendships founded upon a team first mentality, confidence built on playing for one another, and purpose felt by becoming involved in their community.  Our dedicated players come from all across Northern Virginia:  Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Arlington Counties.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2nd Annual Firebird Classic, April 14-15, 2018

The Firebirds are thrilled to announce the 2nd Annual Firebirds Classic to be played April 14-15 in Sterling, Virginia. There will be a combined A/B pool as well as a C event for 10U, 12U and 14U teams with the winner of each division receiving a paid entry into an NSA World Series event!

Registration is now open at the links below and!

10U A/B Register and Who's Coming?

10U C Register and Who's Coming?

12U A/B Register and Who's Coming?