Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017-2018 Firebirds Teams 

10U – Coach:  Pappy Palazzo 
Firebirds 10u is a new team comprised of ‘08 & ‘07 birth years. Up and coming ‘09s are also encouraged to tryout.  Players who want to learn the game and be a part of a great organization should come be a part of the Firebirds.

12U-2006 - Coach:  Michael Abromavage   
Firebirds ‘06 are aging up to the 12U A Level.  After nine open tournament wins in 2016/17 the team will be building on its 10u success.  The team is looking for 2-3 high level players. Team is looking for a pitcher, catcher & outfield.

12U - Coach: Tom Meyer  
The Firebirds are forming a new 12U team this fall and will compete at the B/C level.  Team is primarily looking for ’06 birth year players, but will consider ‘05 and ‘07.  Looking for motivated young ladies of above-average, athletic ability who are willing to learn the game of fastpitch softball.  Team will play USSSA tournaments and FYFA doubleheaders. 

14U - Coach: Dennis Knapp   
Firebirds 04 are aging up to the 14U A Level.  Team has 2-3 roster openings, with all spots being competed.  2004 birth years preferred though 2003 is eligible.  Looking for experienced pitcher 50+mph, experienced speedy outfielder, utility player with big bat, or experienced slapper.

16U-'02 - Coach: Tom Meyer
This 16U A team is intended for advanced players who want to play in college. The team will play high-level tournaments combined with college showcases. Looking for players with previous A level experience.

16U-‘01 – Coach: Mark Pilch   
16U Firebirds Pilch team will play local 16U B tournaments.  The competitive team has 2-3 roster openings.  Pitchers, middle infielders and solid hitters are highest priority.