Firebirds 18U-Temple


TRYOUTS: Looking for an 2005 or 2006 pitchers. Please contact Coach Temple.

The Firebirds 18U-Temple softball team is comprised of ball players from several local high schools. Our goals are to continue to advance individual player and team softball skills to prepare each for high school and collegiate softball and for life off the diamond. During practices and in games, we stress leadership, communications and dedication to the team's efforts to improve individual performances within the team's success. Our philosophy is to practice as we intend to play in games and to play as we practiced - hard nosed travel softball.  


Roster and Coaches


2022-2023 Schedule



9/16-9/17: Fund the Cure, Sterling, VA


9/24-9/25: Stingrays Classic, Sterling, VA


10/15-10/16: Pumpkin Spice, Sterling, VA


10/29-10/30: Halloween Bash, Richmond, VA


11/12-11/13: Legends Cup Tournament, Virginia Beach


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Coach: Dan Temple