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Firebirds 12u-Knowles


Firebirds 12U-Knowles will be made up of players born in 2011 or 2012. Our first season or two will be weighted towards playing local doubleheaders to help develop the team. We will play a minimum of two local tournaments this fall.

Our primary goal is to provide an experience where our girls can thrive as student athletes and teammates in an environment focused on development and having fun. We will strive to win games but will never sacrifice player and team development for a trophy. We will have success as a team, and we will face challenges as a team.


At this age, development as an athlete, player and teammate is of paramount importance. The way to achieve this is to create a fun experience focusing not only on developing as a softball player, but also creating a team atmosphere where we learn to work together and always support each other.

Jason Knowles

Kelly DiGrado

Jay Fahrer

Spring 2024


3/17 - Scrimmage vs. SYC

4/7 - Doubleheader - Philip Bolen Park

4/13-4/14 - NOVA Spring Opener - Sterling

4/21 - Doubleheader - Philip Bolen Park

4/27-4/28 – 30th Annual VA Stingrays Spring Classic - Sterling

5/5 - Doubleheader - Philip Bolen Park

5/12 - Doubleheader - Philip Bolen Park

5/19 - Doubleheader - Philip Bolen Park

5/25-5/26 – Memorial Day NIT - Sterling

6/2 - Doubleheader. - Philip Bolen Park

6/8-6/9 – Firebirds Beltway Barn Burner - Annandale


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