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Firebirds 9u-Jafer


Our tryouts have concluded for the 23-24 season. Please contact Coach Adnan Jafer ( for alternate/individual workout opportunities.



We are made up of players born in 2014 or 2015.


As our team will consist of third and fourth-graders, we seek a balance in their academic, social, and softball life. We strive to create an environment where players can develop their skills, learn, and grow in a safe and supportive atmosphere where developing a love for the game, lots of smiles, and having fun are keys to our team’s success.


Our goal is to empower every student-athlete through a positive competitive softball experience, supporting their confidence, self-esteem, positive life skills and embodying teamwork. Winning games will be important but is not the sole focus or measure of our success. We are on a softball journey together and will be there for each other through all the wins and losses. The first two seasons will be geared toward playing local doubleheaders and a tournament each season.

Our Values

Commitment | Teamwork | Respect | Resilience | Kindness

Adnan Jafer

Joe Howard

Brendan McGinnis

Jason Slattery



Fall 2023


9/10 Loudoun Doubleheader


9/17 Doubleheader vs Sage 9U


10/01 Loudoun Doubleheader


10/15 Loudoun Doubleheader (rained out)


10/22 Doubleheader vs Sage 9U


10/28 Loudoun Doubleheader


11/05 Loudoun Doubleheader


Spring 2024


Doubleheaders TBD


04/27-28 USSSA 30th Annual Va. Stingrays Spring Classic 10C - Sterling, VA


05/18-19 USSSA Summer Jam "Space Coast World Series" NIT 10C - Sterling, VA


06/08-09 USSSA FireBirds Beltway Barn Burner 10C - Annandale, VA


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