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Camps, Combines, and Individual Showcases

This is a list of events recommended by Firebirds coaches and players as good opportunities for players interested in playing in college. It is not a complete list of all good events. Be sure to work with your coach to identify events that are right for you.

College Camps and Clinics

All colleges hold camps and clinics. If there is a school you are interested in, we strongly encourage you to attend their events. You can find them by going to each school's softball website. Many are also listed at events in Virginia listed on Ryzer)

These events offer the best opportunity for players to establish a relationship with a college coach. Note what kind of camp it is, as "prospect" (and similarly named) camps are better recruiting events than "skills" camps (which can still offer a strong skill-building experience). 

Recommended Individual Showcases and Camps

The dates and locations listed are typical, and may change year to year.

Legendary Softball D2/D3 Players Camp, January, Richmond

Legendary Softball Mid-Atlantic Showcase, July, Virginia Beach

Starz Gold Summer Exposure Camp, July, Richmond

Headfirst Honor Roll Camp, August, Long Island, NY

Jerrad Hardin Fastpitch Camps, Summer, Leesburg and Richmond (and other sites)

NFCA Northeast Academic Camp, Summer, Newtown, PA (for high academic achievers)

NFCA Pennsbury Classic Camp, Summer, Newtown, PA

Legendary Softball Fall Mid-Atlantic Clinic, November, Virginia Beach

Headfirst Honor Roll Camp, November, Orlando, FL

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