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Coach Bree Hanafin: College recruiting…where do I start?! The Parents...

Part 2 of Coach Hanafin's article on College Recruiting: The Parents Role To the parents…let your player drive the process. 1. Learn the rules. Know what types of contact and actions are allowed at each age/year and stay up to date. Check out the NCAA recruiting website for helpful tips and calendars.

2. Have conversations with your daughter frequently about pros and cons of each school. They will need guidance on keeping an overall perspective and not only making a decision based on softball. Make sure they choose a school that they like regardless of softball. Coaches could leave, careers could end at any moment…make sure they envision themselves being at the school, not just being on the softball team.

3. Treat your daughters like they are adults. If they cannot handle the responsibility or pressure now, they will not be capable of doing it when they are truly on their own playing in college. Let them be independent and just be supportive – if they truly want to play at the next level then they put enough pressure on themselves; you do not need to add any. Help guide them by equipping them with the skills they need to stay organized, motivated, and positive throughout the process.

Check back soon for Part 3, The Coaches...



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