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Paige Kelly and Grace Wilsey Win Yates Memorial Scholarships

July 3, 2018 - The Firebirds are pleased to announce that Paige Kelly and Grace Wilsey are the recipients of this year’s Randy Yates Memorial Firebirds Scholarships. Each of these former Firebirds has won an unrestricted scholarship to support them in college.

Kelly is a recent graduate of West Springfield High School. She will be attending St. John’s University this fall. A Firebird player for four years, Kelly continues to volunteer for the club, in addition to her volunteer work through the National Honor Society and Math Honor Society. Kelly says that, because of her Firebird family, “I not only became a much better softball player, but I also learned determination and developed my will to always want to work the hardest I can, no matter what.”

Wilsey graduated from Hayfield Secondary School. She played three years for the Firebirds and has been as active volunteer at her church’s hypothermia shelter and with Stop Hunger Now. She will attend the University of Virginia this fall. Of her former team, Wilsey says “To me, being a Firebird has always meant more off the field than on it…. We are Firebirds, all of us, a family.”

The scholarship is named for Coach Randy Yates, a former Firebirds coach and advisory who epitomized the spirit of sportsmanship and the love of the game. Kelly and Wilsey each played for him. Coach Yates passed away in 2017.


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