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All Hands on Deck: Light Clermont Park!

Great news regarding the Clermont Park lighting situation: The Park Authority's proposal is now to light one baseball and one softball field. While we'd love to have all fields lighted, it does not seem like the neighbors would go for it. We are excited about getting even just one more field, and have agreed to a 9:00 lights-out time.

Now, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has to vote on it. And they are hearing loud and clear from nearby residents that the lights, noise, and traffic will be too disruptive. WE NEED YOU TO HELP MAKE THE CASE THAT LOTS OF LOCAL RESIDENTS - OUR KIDS - WILL BENEFIT, AND DESERVE A LIGHTED BALLFIELD IN THEIR COMMUNITY.

There are two ways you (if you're a Fairfax County resident) can support this effort:

1. If you can attend the official public hearing on Tuesday, December 3, at 4:30 pm, please come to the Fairfax County Government Center (12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax). We need people to speak. Please sign up to speak; in the "Application Number or Subject" line, enter "Clermont Park," and in the "Name of Group" line, enter "INDIVIDUAL." Once you have done so, please forward the confirmation email to Jesse Ellis at and he will send you some recommended talking points. It's really important to have a big showing for the public hearing; we know it's tough to get to Fairfax on a weekday, but if you can, we could really use you.

2. Email your Board of Supervisors representative. (Not sure who it is? Go to - this works best on a desktop - and enter your address. On the left, the second entry will be "XXXX District Supervisor.") No matter who your representative is, also copy (the Chairman is elected at-large and represents everyone) and (Clermont is in the Lee District). Feel free to just let them know you support adding lights at Clermont Park and hope they will support it, too. Or copy and paste this recommended language:

On December 3, the Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to consider allowing lights at Clermont Park in Lee District. I fully support this proposal, and hope that you will vote to allow it. My daughter plays softball for the Northern Virginia Girls Softball Association, which is the primary user of the softball fields at Clermont. With no lighted Park Authority fields dedicated to youth softball in that part of the county, lights at Clermont would really benefit our players, nearly 100 of whom live in the immediate vicinity of Clermont. Access to lighted fields allows teams more flexibility in scheduling practices and games, which really helps working families who do not always have to rush home to get kids to early practices to beat sundown. Please consider the needs of our girls, and of the boys in the area who play baseball for Pioneer, and vote to allow the lights at Clermont Park.

When you sign your email, either include your address or "XXX District resident."

Thank you for your support. We need all voices to advocate for our girls. If you have any questions, please email Jesse Ellis, NVGSA Vice President-Travel, at

revised proposal for Clermont Park, showing lights on field 3 (a softball field)



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