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Coach Greg Quinn's bat speed routine

Swing strength workout


1. Heavy bat, sledge hammer, or Dirx warmup bat

2. Wiffle ball bat or broom stick approximately the same length as your bat

3. Your game bat


1. Take 20 swings back and forth with the heavy bat being sure to keep the end of the bat chest high. Do not drag or drop the end.

2. Take 20 swings with the wiffle ball bat as fast as you can swing.

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 three times.

4. Swing 20 times with your game bat as fast as you can.

This should be done three times a week and add reps and/or sets as you get stronger.

Other exercises to add into your workout: Triceps push downs, push-ups(fast up-slow down), box hops or hop stairs.

Coach Quinn: Currently the hitting coach for a baseball program that is nationally ranked. He calls baseball and softball “Family Sports”. He has over 40 years playing and coaching experience. His wife was an all state and all met pitcher, and his oldest daughter was a high school fastpitch player. He has a stepson who played college baseball and making an appearance in the Collegiate World Series and has now gone on to be a college coach himself, and his youngest daughter is a short stop who wants to be a college fast pitch player playing in a nationally known program and is being recruited by several schools as a high school sophomore. Coach Quinn has been at his current school for 12 years where they have won two conference championships, and two state championships. As a player he was a catcher ,and third baseman. Coach Quinn and his wife are also in the Washington Metro Area Slowpitch Softball Hall of Fame as players.

Coach Quinn has provided hitting instruction to the Firebirds organization over the 2018 season and can be reached at



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